How to Move or Ship Snow Globes? | Packing and Shipping

Snow globes are beloved holiday decorations and cherished childhood mementos that many people collect and proudly display in their homes. However, when it comes time to store or move them, it’s crucial to take proper precautions to ensure they aren’t damaged.

Without careful handling and storage, snow globes can dry out, crack, or lose their color. Therefore, it is important to keep them away from extreme heat, direct sunlight, and any risky environments that could cause them to break. This brief guide provides essential tips for preparing your snow globes for extended storage so they remain pristine and can be enjoyed for years.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Snow Globes

Choosing the Right Box

It’s important to place them in a well-fitting box that prevents them from moving around to keep your snow globes safe during storage. If you have the original packaging, including the inserts made of plastic or Styrofoam, that’s ideal. If you don’t have the original box, choose a similar size and reinforce your snow globes with bubble wrap.

When placing the snow globe in the box, ensure it fits comfortably without pressure. Leave some space around it to insert soft cloth, bubble wrap, or packing paper as cushioning to prevent damage from impact. Find a better-fitting option if the box feels tight or doesn’t leave enough room for padding.

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Creating Sections for Multiple Snow Globes

Placing those with multiple snow globes in a larger box divided into individual sections with cardboard walls is best. To create this, measure the width and length of the box and cut strips of cardboard that are as tall as the snow globe and as long as the horizontal and vertical lengths of the box. Cut slits in these cardboard strips to create a grid-like pattern, and then place multiple snow globes within the square spaces. This method will separate your snow globes and prevent them from touching each other during transportation.

Protecting Your Snow Globes

It’s important to keep them away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and risky environments that could cause them to crack or fade in color. Also, avoid storing them in damp areas, which can lead to moisture damage.

Sealing the Box

Try to seal the box’s top with tape; it will stop the snow globe from shifting during transportation. Apply tape to all corners and exposed areas to secure the box’s shape and prevent any potential damage. This step ensures that the snow globe remains in place and doesn’t move around, reducing the risk of damage.

Waterproofing the Box

In addition to sealing the box, protecting it from potential water damage is important. You can do this by wrapping the box in plastic film or placing it inside a large plastic bag. It is an extra barrier against pests and moisture that could damage the snow globe.

Using a Plastic Storage Bin

If you’re concerned about pests like mice or other critters that could chew through the box or plastic wrapping, consider placing the sealed box inside a large plastic storage bin with a locking lid. It further protects the snow globe from any potential damage and provides additional security during storage.

Ideal Temperature Range

The best temperature range for snow globe storage is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s essential to keep them in a stable environment that isn’t too hot or cold, as extreme temperatures can damage the globe and affect its contents.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Avoiding areas in your home with extreme temperatures, such as the basement or attic, is essential. These spaces can become too hot or too cold, especially during certain times of the year, and lead to damage to the snow globe.

Best Storage Spaces

To ensure your snow globe remains in excellent condition, store it in a closet in your home that maintains a consistent temperature. Alternatively, consider using a climate-controlled storage unit that offers a stable environment.

Extra Investment for Storage

If you plan on keeping your snow globe in a storage facility, it’s crucial to make an extra investment in maintaining the environment to ensure its safety. A climate-controlled storage unit can provide a stable environment to protect your snow globe and other treasured possessions from potential damage.

Why do snow globes need to be kept in a dark environment?

Snow globes require a dark and temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage. Heat and sunlight can cause the water in the solution to evaporate, leading to dryness and cracks in the snow globe’s components. The unique solution in snow globes comprises various substances, including oil, water, antifreeze, glycol, and glycerin. These elements work together to create the slow-falling effect of snowflakes in snow globes.

It’s important to store it in a moderate room temperature environment that isn’t too hot or cold. Dark environments are also necessary, as light can fade the color of the snow globe and cause discoloration. Therefore, snow globes should not be exposed to direct sunlight or stored in areas that fluctuate in temperature.


Snow globes are valuable decorations that require proper care when moving or storing them for an extended period. To ensure they remain in good condition, pack them in a well-fitting box with protective padding, seal the box with tape or plastic film, and keep them in a temperature-controlled environment away from direct sunlight. If you plan to store your snow globes for a long, consider investing in a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them in optimal condition. With these tips, you can enjoy your cherished snow globes for years.